Webinar: Healthcare Automation for Providers – Revenue Cycle Management


Learn how digital technologies like Robotic Process Automation and AI/ML are transforming the healthcare industry with greater efficiency, increased productivity, and improved patient care. We will also focus on how the DISYS for Healthcare Automation (D4HATM) solution automates complex workflows in Revenue Cycle Management and provider operations, significantly reducing overhead and redirecting resources towards revenue-generating initiatives.

You Will Learn:

  • Why providers are adopting Intelligent Process Automation and other disruptive technologies.
  • How to accurately capture patient demographic information, reduce claim denials, and increase clean claim transmission and timely reimbursement for services.
  • How to avoid claim re-submission, eligibility-related rejections, and denials and increase upfront collections by automating the patient eligibility verification process.
  • How to replace manual claims status inquiry with automated capture of claims and CPT codes for real-time claims status.