Spotlight: Travel Automation and Application Development to Improve Customer Experience

DISYS Discusses Innovative Travel Automation & Application Development

DISYS has conducted extensive research and met with IT Stakeholders within travel to discuss the growth issues plaguing today’s rapidly-changing travel industry technologies. In response to these concerns, DISYS has released the Industry Spotlight: Evolving the Customer Experience Through Travel Automation And Mobile App Development Within Travel Industry.

The ever-growing onslaught of new travel sites popping up, prove true the fact that algorithms and automation make it easy for entrepreneurs to launch new travel offerings — and quite often, they have as much skin in the game as well-established sites if marketing efforts succeed.  Travel organizations who want to stand out must provide top-notch customer service, with all-in-one-location information, updates, and customer support.

Travel industry standouts must find efficient ways to provide never-before-seen features within their applications — an area where innovation has taken a back burner to high volume sales, price matching features, and proven scheduling technology that is often outdated.

To find out more information about how DISYS is aiding the Travel and Transportation Industries meet critical challenges. Also, learn about the DISYS Automation Center of Excellence and its Suite of Project Accelerators.