The DISYS Botalyzer: Providing a Quick, Reliable Analysis of Web-Based RPA

The DISYS Botalyzer: An Innovative RPA Evaluator from DISYS Labs

DISYS Botalyzer At a Glance:

  • Instantaneous RPA Script Reviews
  • Quick & Reliable Delivery of Conformant Code
  • Evaluates Possible Code Errors & Script Failures
  • Cleans Code for Efficiency & Cost Savings
  • Standardizes Coding, Helping to Establish Best Practices
  • Additional Features Released on a Rolling Basis

The DISYS Botalyzer delivers quick, user-friendly web-based analysis of RPA bots. The unprecedented capabilities of this tool, created in DISYS’ home for innovation, DISYS Labs, is the first of its kind, analyzing single or multiple RPA tasks instantaneously.

With limited or no IDE-based linting or code, the DISYS Botalyzer is a web-based tool empowering developers, code reviewers, and auditors to test the code quality of existing RPA scripts and continue to check newly written code for continuity and efficiency.

Not only does the tool evaluate but it also can determine and recommend ways to enhance and stabilize RPA code by performing comparative analysis with other uploaded scripts. For example, the DISYS Botalyzer will compare the number of variables vs the number of literals to determine how the flexibility of the code.

Through its cyclomatic complexity analysis, coupled with the types of commands used, Botalyzer considers the complexity of uploaded scripts being analyzed and the commands being used. Through this, the tool shows what would happen if these commands failed. It helps the developers determine the complexity of the uploaded scripts and work to reduce them. The lower the complexity, the higher is the maintainability of the scripts.

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