Solutions Snapshot: WebMethods Automation Transforms Alerts for Energy Client

DISYS Uses WebMethods Automation to Support Email Notifications, Decrease Response Times

During the handling of bulk failed transactions, the client lacked proper visibility into transactions that could cause SLA breaches. The client needed to avoid the business and financial impact failed transactions could impose on the business. Relevant analysts lacked a mechanism to alert key stakeholders of impending failed transactions and needed to be notified on an immediate basis. DISYS decided WebMethods Automation would alleviate these concerns.

The DISYS Energy Automation team decided to automate the notification process so analysts could take immediate action and predict the possibility of further failures. They also created a service block to capture unidentified failed transactions while alerting analysts. Their implemented solution now avoids unforeseen business and financial impact because of the lack of critical notifications. And the solution also reduced manual verification and scans of each SLA breach and failed transactions.

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