Solutions Snapshot: Acquisition ERP Support for Global Eyewear Company

DISYS Delivers Cost-Effective Solution With ERP Support, Merging Systems After Acquisition

The client, a global eyewear manufacturer, and retailer was experiencing challenges after acquiring a major retail chain in North America. With their internationally expanded retail footprint came integration issues relating to service coverage and global operations consistencies. As part of the integration process, the client required the newly acquired stores’ back and front-end process be assimilated to its worldwide standard SAP ERP system. The client requested DISYS spearhead the ERP support initiative.

Over a 12-week period, the DISYS team handled over 200 process-chain trouble tickets and resolved 100% of the tickets within the same week. The team completed 16 enhancement tickets, provided formal weekly status reports to the client and participated in daily status meetings as needed. While performing day-to-day application maintenance, the DISYS team realized an opportunity to improve the customer’s application process and created open development requests for improvements to the BI software implementation.

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