Solutions Snapshot: Email Chatbot for Large Energy Company

DISYS Uses Email Chatbot Automation to Support Email Notifications, Decrease Response Times

An Email Chatbot proof-of-concept showcased an easy-to-use process that would ensure high, seamless adoption among employees.

Client: The largest generator of electricity from natural gas and geothermal resources in the United States, with operations in competitive power markets.
notifications. And the solution also reduced manual verification and scans of each SLA breach and failed transactions.

Solution: Email Chatbot Automation

The Issues: The client was unable to capture the performance metrics from hundreds of energy and power turbines properly, due to the utilization of several unilateral systems.  While the client employed live APIs and web services to catalog the metrics, usage adoption across all platforms was problematic. The client’s current systems created several information silos, that did not communicate with each other, causing barriers for data interpretation.

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