Solutions Snapshot: Bot Maintenance and Development With Botalyzer

DISYS Showcases the Power of Its Botalyzer Through Bot Analysis, Onboarding

As part of an automation initiative, the client established a Center of Excellence and developed several BOTs to automate key processes. As more and more processes were being automated, the CoE’s capacity to support existing and new initiatives were strained. They experienced frequent BOT failures and needed a bot maintenance solution to improve the efficiency and performance of their bots. DISYS was engaged to support and maintain all production BOTs.

DISYS used the Botalyzer™ tool to onboard all existing BOTs. The Botalyzer™ complexity analysis was mapped to existing production failure statistics of BOTs and immediate refactoring recommendations were provided to minimize breakage and production failures. Some of the refactoring initiatives were executed by the Client while others were executed by the DISYS team. DISYS used an onshore/offshore model for providing 24/7 maintenance and monitoring of deployed bots.

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