Solutions Snapshot: Bot Deployment, Establishment of Automation Center of Excellence

DISYS Works With Large Energy Client to Meet Their Strategic Process Roadmap Goals

The client had been struggling to find a solution to their top IT initiatives that would meet their current goals, but set them up for future success and growth. Their well-thought-out strategic roadmap and established clear initiatives and outcomes had concise direction, but they were looking for innovative input on how to implement the most efficient, effective solutions available.

DISYS entered this engagement with a wealth of experience, having its own Automation Center of Excellence and an understanding of the importance and impact of automation. During numerous planning sessions and while gathering requirements, the client voiced their wishes to continuously improve how they work, reduce spending and drive performance. Their IT Strategic Priorities included achieving operational excellence, transforming infrastructure, maintaining compliance, and improving the end-user experience. DISYS helped identify the underlying problems and what had prevented them from accomplishing these goals in the past. DISYS discussed the best solution to support their top IT initiatives, and ultimately proposed RPA as the core solution, and also recommended the establishment of an Automation Center of Excellence onsite.

Throughout the entire engagement, DISYS worked with the client to develop and deploy a series of bots to meet their needs while training all personnel who would interact with the technology. To work efficiently, DISYS utilized its proprietary web-based RPA analysis tool, the DISYS Botalyzer.

While solutions were being built and put into place, DISYS worked with the client’s IT department to open a sustainable automation governance branch — the Automation Center of Excellence. DISYS trained personnel in automation best practices and helped put in place, tools that will help the automation efforts expand.

The initial face of this engagement has concluded, but the client has extended DISYS’ work, due to professional, high quality, efficiency, and expertise demonstrated by the DISYS Automation team.

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