Press Release: DISYS: Future of Travel IT Is Automation, App Dev

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 Travel IT Must Look to Innovation for Unique Customer Service Experiences

MCLEAN, VA   — Digital Intelligence Systems, LLC (DISYS) has conducted extensive research and met with Travel IT Stakeholders to discuss the growth issues plaguing today’s rapidly-changing travel industry technologies.

In response to these concerns, DISYS released the Industry Spotlight: Evolving the Customer Experience Through Automation And Mobile App Development Within Travel Industry.   

As research reveals, only about 8 percent of airline customers profess loyalty to a specific airline and only 15 percent are loyal to a hotel brand. It also reveals loyalty programs are no longer holding consumers hostage to perks, as program blackout dates and other travel restrictions make utilizing loyalty programs difficult and extremely frustrating to potential travelers.

“Industry experts are hoping an excellent end-to-end customer experience, including a singular location for all travel-related information, will help drive brand loyalty and new engagement via customer referral,” said Tim Laughlin, Vice President of Travel and Transportation at DISYS. “There is no question creative application development and strategic automation deployment is key to meeting travel consumer needs.”

The ever-growing onslaught of new travel sites popping up, prove algorithms and automation make it easy for entrepreneurs to launch new travel offerings — and quite often, they have as much skin in the game as well-established sites, if their marketing efforts succeed.  Travel organizations who want to stand out must provide top-notch customer service, with all-in-one-location information, updates, and customer support.

“It is no longer a simple perk to get all of your information in one place,” Laughlin said. “It is an absolute requirement for customer service to be the top offering travel enablers supply.”

Travel industry standouts must find efficient ways to provide never-before-seen features within their applications — an area where innovation has taken a back burner to high volume sales, price matching features, and proven scheduling technology that is often outdated.

With all of this in mind, DISYS has rolled out a suite of project accelerators to aid in the rapid deployment of customer service mobile apps, cloud enablement and automation — an area where every industry is seeing extreme benefits, beyond those originally determined. To further solidify its anytime, anywhere solutions delivery capabilities, DISYS recently announced its acquisition of Xtreme Consulting — adding additional resources and locations to its already stacked portfolio.

“The deployment of rapidly-effective automated features and customer service applications can’t be understated — neither can the large role automation will continue to play,” Laughlin said. “DISYS is ready to get to work for our travel partners to help them gain and maintain ground in this competitive, saturated market by delivering one-of-a-kind solutions that will spearhead positive consumer engagement.”

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