Message from the CEO on Diversity and Inclusion

Message from the CEO

The past days and weeks have, once again, unfortunately, shone a spotlight on the tremendous injustices in our society. It’s evident that racism in all forms still exist – that Black Americans face a disproportional level of injustice and discrimination, driven by systems that continue to oppress and devalue Black lives. We must acknowledge that there is a fundamental inequality in our Nation and that Black lives are too often undervalued.

As a minority-owned organization, DISYS is the living proof of the wealth of opportunities the United States offers to those from diverse backgrounds. I feel it is important that we continue to appreciate the freedoms we enjoy and often take for granted as Americans – but in light of recent events across our country, we can no longer turn a blind eye to the unrest unfolding before us. I believe it goes without saying that we cannot ignore the violence, anger, and distrust that is spurring current tensions.

Simply put, we must do better. The injustice and discrimination of Black Americans must stop.

As an immigrant and first-generation American myself, I continue to be appreciative and mindful of the accomplishments this country, its openness, and inclusive character have enabled for myself, my family, and all of you who make DISYS the success it is, every day.

The answer to the challenges that beset us is not more division, but more compassion and understanding. As humans, we are truly all in this together, and in order to move forward toward a more equitable, kind society it is essential that we do not remain silent, and that we do not ignore the injustice taking place right now in cities across this nation.

As an organization, we at DISYS are a testament to the great things that come when diversity and inclusion are embraced and celebrated. We all come from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and religions, but we are united in our support for one another, our common goals as a company, and in our belief that we need to continue ‘lifting as we climb,’ and meet current challenges with love and positivity.

To impact change now, I commit myself to educate those around me and to encourage understanding around diversity and inclusion. I challenge us as an organization and every employee to become an advocate with their own community, to hold both themselves and others around them accountable. As it is woven into our DISYS DNA – collaboration and respect are not just words, they are qualities that define us and the way we work and live each and every day. Similarly, diversity and inclusion are not just abstract concepts. We’re proof that diverse teams thrive together. It makes us stronger and better in all that we do.

Know that I stand with you all and that we stand together for justice for all, and equality for all to affect a better world in the future.