HIT Think: Industry Must Address Healthcare IoT Security in its Planning

DISYS Knows Healthcare IoT Causes Security & Data Issues

Editor’s Note: The below article appeared in Healthcare Data Management. The full article can be found here.

The internet of Things (healthcare IoT) has unlocked a significant source of benefits within the healthcare industry through applications that touch nearly every aspect of daily care for patients. The IoT is being used to keep even the smallest of patients safe and healthy, while others in healthcare are using it to keep track of inventory, manage schedules, track patient history and provide necessary references.

However, some observers of healthcare IT are cautious about IoT, worried about the possibility of security breakdowns because there are so many devices connected to patients. Still, there’s significant potential for these devices to assist the healthcare industry in improving customer service, daily operations, and the overall bottom line.

To gain full benefit from this technology, healthcare organizations must develop security procedures around the use of the IoT to ensure that potential risks don’t outweigh those long-term benefits.

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