Solutions Snapshot: Healthcare RSA Token Decommissioning Automation

DISYS Solves Healthcare RSA Token Issues to Reduce Errors, Increase Efficiency

One of the largest healthcare providers in the US wanted to consolidate its RSA token use and decommission those no longer valid. The client needed a fast, efficient, and low-cost way to solve these healthcare RSA token issues without disrupting its current token structure. The client required a solution sensitive to its compliance and legal requirements while lowering its error rate, eliminating extensive SOX violation fees. The client also desired the decommissioning to happen within 48 hours of an employee’s termination.

With its expertise in RPA, DISYS maintained SOX audit compliance by decommissioning the RSA tokens within 48 hours of termination, saving $250K per violation. It also provided significant operational savings equivalent to two FTEs, eliminated security risks through BOT’s non-invasive, repeatable behavior, and provided detailed reports on the daily activity of the decommissioning process. The process DISYS specialists created an agile process, easily updated based on changing requirements.

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