Solutions Snapshot: Financial Services Cloud Enablement Proof of Concept

Financial Services Cloud Enablement Proof of Concept Demonstrates Expected Results

The client, a large US mortgage lender, was considering a move from a traditional client-server model to a cloud enablement platform to accommodate large data sets. The client also wanted a demonstration of how the process might work if they migrated smaller data sets to a cloud platform, what functionality might be available and how the user interface might be presented. To achieve these and other requirements, the DISYS cloud team decided to build a cloud enablement proof of concept migration.

The DISYS Amazon Web Services Team (AWS) gathered all requirements from key stakeholders and began the process of modeling the mock migration in a controlled environment. Utilizing its expert knowledge in AWS, the team worked on important performance enhancements and worked with the client to ensure the proof of concept was being built to their needs. DISYS meticulously worked towards providing a concept that would meet and anticipate the client’s needs while also allowing for future growth and requirements. By developing user-facing dashboards and the build of relevant user categories, DISYS demonstrated the ease of the adoption process and how users would interact with the system, further validating the migrated system would be easy to use and the process itself takes place without business interruption and would keep the required security of the data intact.

Throughout the proof of concept process, DISYS delivered on maintaining data integrity throughout the entire migration.
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