Exclusive Accelerator Video: DISYS’ Sirro® Facilitates Rapid Cloud Deployment

Sirro® Uses AWS to Guarantee Rapid Cloud Deployment

The DISYS cloud management application, Sirro®, provides rapid cloud deployment and seamless integration to its customers. Sirro® delivers access to a user-friendly dashboard, allowing users to configure cloud-ready application stacks, track deployed resources, project budgets, track costs, and receive standardized reports.

  • Cloud Formation: Easily deploy using templates to describe the resources and associated parameters required to run your application. Once deployed, templates can be modified with ease in a controlled setting.
  • Seamless Integration: Sirro® provides the capability to configure and automate entire systems and applications in minutes. Through secure, cloud-specific architecture, Sirro® enables businesses to monitor and manage deployments in a flexible and integrated manner.
  • Intuitive Dashboard: The self-service interface is accessed easily and provides capabilities to launch applications, configures information, and tracks and manages services available to users.
  • Security: Sirro® is built on an Amazon Web Services (AWS) foundation. Backed with Amazon’s extensive experience operating large-scale data centers, Sirro®’s physical security is supported by industry-leading infrastructure facilities.
  • Disaster Recovery: Sirro® tolerates failures at every level by redundant layer backing of security and recovery.

Watch the Sirro® video below, then read all about the power of The DISYS Rapid Cloud Deployment Tool Sirro®. Also, learn about other Project Accelerators DISYS uses to ensure quick, efficient delivery on every engagement.