E&P Features DISYS In Article About Its WorkSafe Program

DISYS’ WorkSafe Program Core to Company’s Safety Initiatives on Each Engagement

Below is an excerpt from the article published on E&P talking about the DISYS WorkSafe Program, which it has deployed across multiple engagements within the energy industry. View the full piece on E&P here.

Safety is Job 1

DISYS WorkSafe ProgramProper training of personnel is paramount to health, safety and regulatory compliance within the petroleum industry. Numbers from the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration indicated out of the roughly estimated 234,400 people employed in industry support roles, one out of every 149 employees will experience a severe injury, with the petroleum industry ranking No. 1 on the severe injury rate listing. Likewise, investigations of possible regulatory violations and the fees associated with determined violations have cost the industry nearly $2.5 trillion annually.

Digital Intelligence Systems LLC (DISYS), while working with numerous global energy clients over many years, developed and executed its Work Safe program. The program contains updated health and safety processes, consultant safety training and standards and safety claims management.

Ragan Shawell, managing director of DISYS’ Energy Services Group, said, “Health and safety training takes up valuable time and resources. So we decided to alleviate our clients’ training burdens associated with new hires.”

Understanding location risks

DISYS recognizes some client locations present greater risks than others. The company performs hazard assessments to identify a location’s particular workplace safety and security issues and whether there are additional safety policies and procedures that need to be added to the training.

“As with most processes, safety policies and procedures evolve as new risks are discovered,” Shawell said. “DISYS has designed this program to carve out very specific guidelines but also is flexible enough to adapt to the safety vulnerabilities of a specific geographic location or set of environmental circumstances.”

To identify additional needs, verify compliance of current safety policies and to answer team member questions, a safety lead person is assigned and held responsible for the implementation and compliance of all policies. This lead person is accountable for safety compliance and verifiable metrics and meaningful criteria like incident rates and violations. The Work Safe program includes several components. …

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