Spotlight: Safety Regulatory Compliance Within Oil and Gas Industry

DISYS Focuses on Safety Regulatory Compliance Issues, Solutions

Safety Regulatory Compliance is an ongoing concern within the Oil and Gas industry.  For the last several years, compliance is consistently top of mind for CTOs who are looking to find points of regulatory relief. Currently, manual processes lead to human error and are time-consuming as these processes take valuable time and energy from employees who would be better utilized in other critical tasks.

The industry is also working against the clock when it comes to finding the time and resources to upgrade legacy systems that currently require patchwork fixes to keep operations up and running. At some point, it will become vital to replace these systems to avoid system errors and in the long run, increase profits.

This DISYS Spotlight discusses the reoccurring problems with compliance, the penalties associated with it, and solutions to alleviate some of the safety regulatory compliance burdens. To find out more, view our Energy Industry Solutions page.