Solutions Snapshot: Energy ERP Project, Resulting in System Upgrades & Staffing for Multinational O&G Company

DISYS Uses Energy ERP Project, Talent Expertise to Help Oil & Gas Corp Further Expand Into Europe

The initial SAP Energy ERP Project DISYS delivered to the client were met substantially by providing SAP professionals from the surrounding European market. However four years later, the IT market had rapidly evolved, and these projects required very specialized oil and gas resources that were difficult to locate within the European region. The client needed help locating experts familiar with more cutting edge SAP technologies that went beyond the core ERP components.

DISYS met all project goals on time and placed specialized consultants quickly to respond to the client’s requests. DISYS’ experienced pool of SAP consultants and talent has given the client the ability to draw on a varied range of SAP skillsets quickly when needed and all within a predetermined price range. Since the placements of the DISYS teams, the client has experienced improved operational efficiencies and the enhanced alignment of their core IT infrastructures with their strategic business processes. As the DISYS’ relationship with the client continues to grow, DISYS will continue to support the client in several other business areas.