Press Release: DISYS Automation Solution Saves Healthcare Providers $1.1B Annually

D4HA™ uses automation to reduce manual labor, avoid costly errors, and increase revenue margins across the provider space

McLean, VA – November 17, 2020Digital Intelligence Systems, LLC (DISYS), a global technology services firm with 10+ years of experience in the Healthcare sector, announces the launch of its new automation solution, D4HA™ for Healthcare Providers. D4HA™ is a holistic solution that is designed to reduce manual labor and improve efficiencies by leveraging the power of automation and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning technologies.

The healthcare industry currently lacks the ability to connect disparate data and integrate with EHR and EMR systems. This results in significant losses in revenue industry-wide, totaling $1.1B every year. 15-20% of claims are denied due to authorization issues or charge capture, while 79% of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) platforms are using outdated technologies. These inefficiencies result in time and resource-consuming tasks that cost providers unnecessarily, as the average hospital spends about $12.1M more than it needs to on supply chain costs every year.

D4HA™ takes a proactive approach to bridging these gaps with the power of automation and AI/ML technologies. Combining intelligent front and back-end processes, autonomous AI with data analytics capabilities, and a robust framework, D4HA™ goes straight to the source of the current challenges healthcare providers are facing. D4HA™’s approach centers on developing automation solutions customized to an organization’s specific needs in three key areas:

  • Revenue Cycle Management;
  • Provider Supply Chain; and
  • Contact Center Operations.

The value D4HA™ delivers is clear from several clients currently leveraging it to generate more efficient outcomes in their administrative operations. One example is a leading healthcare organization who automated some of their manual RCM-Billing processes to achieve a significant ROI. This organization then set up a joint COE (Center of Excellence) on Automation to further their initiative and investment in automating several business functions to enhance outcomes and optimize cost savings going forward.

“D4HA™ meets a critical and rising need within the healthcare provider space,” said Giri Rajaiah, VP Healthcare, DISYS. “Over the past few years, providers have faced increasing revenue issues, which have been intensified recently by the COVID-19 pandemic. The new D4HA™ solution allows provider organizations to discover, deploy, and optimize automated business processes to reduce the cost of their operations and avoid revenue overruns through the power of automation. It also helps to streamline complex workflows and deliver greater efficiency at all points in their operational lifecycle.”

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