Exclusive Accelerator: DISYS Explains Rapid Cloud Enablement Tool Sirro®

DISYS’ Sirro® Rapid Cloud Enablement Tool Key to Efficient Engagements

The DISYS cloud management application, Sirro®, is a rapid cloud enablement tool allowing seamless integration to its customers. Sirro® delivers access to a user friendly dashboard, allowing users to configure cloud-ready application stacks, track deployed resources, project budgets, track costs, and receive standardized reports.

It’s key features include:

  • Built on AWS foundation with emphasis on security
  • Simple dashboard ensures ease of integration
  • Implement cloud roll-out in a matter of minutes
  • Big Data processing and analytics using technologies such as Hadoop
  • Supports all major applications (SharePoint, AD,
    and more)

Watch a video exploring the power of Sirro®, DISYS’ Rapid Cloud Deployment Tool. And also discover the full suite of DISYS Project Accelerators, used to ensure quick, efficient delivery on every engagement.