Sirro® Fast Track Cloud Migration Accelerator

Sirro® FastTrack Migrate provides a unified automated approach in analyzing and migration of the apps and workloads to the cloud that results in a projection of an overall 70% reduction in Migration Cost.

It’s key features include:

  • Automated Scan/Analyze
  • Insight into app and data
  • Better migration decisions
  • Analyze app or datacenter
  • Secure target scan info
  • Choose/Create Cloud Plans
  • Optimal cost modeling
  • Re-architect Cloud deployment
  • Objective-based planning
  • Multiple target topologies
  • Automated migration
  • Minimize errors and risk
  • Optionally switch PaaS services
  • Hybrid Multi-Cloud deployment
  • Accelerate shift iterations
  • Monitor and meter migrated apps
  • Test and re-do migration on 1-click
  • Refine topology choices
  • Fine-tune post-migration
  • Multi-stage app modernization


Sirro Fast Track