• Whitepaper: Webster University Adopts Modern Directory Platform

    Webster University

    University environments require a unique approach to Active Directory design and deployment. This is largely due to the presence of multiple, disparate systems that have been installed and configured over the technical lifespan of the University.

    When Webster University decided to consolidate their internal systems and adopt a modern directory platform that offered native support for Identity Access Management (IAM), the choice was clear. After working with members of the infrastructure support services (ISS) team at DISYS, Webster University elected to use Microsoft Active Directory in Windows Server 2012 R2.

    DISYS engineers partnered with the infrastructure team at Webster to design a highly scalable solution based on a Single Forest, Single Domain, Active Directory model that separates Student, Staff and Faculty Assets and Resources from each other using an OU and delegation model. During the discovery phase, several challenging integration and migration points were identified.

    These potential hurdles assisted the team in creating a better design and in many cases shaped the core enterprise active directory architecture at Webster University. The existing system architecture at Webster University consisted of a complex array of legacy components for a variety of services — including authentication, authorization, email, identity management, applications access and file and printer services. Integrating a new network operating system
    and lightweight directory platform with an existing Novell and Oracle platform presented several unique challenges that required a custom approach to deploying eAD across the enterprise.

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