• Webinar: Common Themes For Testing Financial Applications

    Common Themes For Testing Financial Applications

    What You Will Learn

    • Data Management
    • Mainframe Components
    • Integrated Test Environments
    • Interfaces
    • Test Automation

    With the advancements of application capabilities, mobile development and availability, and digital coverage, the financial industry is experiencing constant change to support the rapidly evolving technological landscape.

    Between increasing security risks, staying ahead of technological trends, and adhering to strict regulation, the task of maintaining these IT frameworks is far from simple.

    Leveraging test automation and adopting a Center of Excellence model for testing have proven principal priorities for companies in the financial industry. While implementing a test automation strategy can vastly enhance preexisting and new business processes, there are a number of factors and challenges to consider.

    This webinar discusses Common Themes for Testing Financial Applications and will address the key components for testing in across the financial IT landscape.