• Webinar: AWS CloudFormation With CHEF

    Webinar AWS Cloud Formation with Chef

    What You Will Learn

    • The relationship & Benefits Associated With Combining CloudFormation and Chef
    • The interdependence of Development and Operations
    • Operations and Management of Cloud Applications
    • Leveraging Best Practices In The Cloud Throughout Platform Implementation
    • Adding New Features To Cloud Application Stacks
    • A Demo Of Sirro, DISYS’ Cloud Enablement Tool

    There is a growing interest towards migrating applications and infrastructure to the Cloud as a way to leverage cost savings, and increase availability and efficiency.

    New feature roll-out can become tricky to push to production across all Cloud instances without disrupting exiting workloads. This can prove especially difficult while keeping the necessary patches and application upgrades in place.

    Though provisioning new instances is relatively straight forward in Cloud environments, making those instances sync with your business goals can be difficult.

    Coupling AWS CloudFormation with configuration management tools like Chef can bring new dimension to agility.