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    Top 3 Immediate Benefits of Robotics Process Automation

    The robotics process automation (RPA) landscape has made the leap from emerging technology to the main topic of business process discussions.

    Many changes made within a company, whether IT-based or procedural, fail to provide immediate cost savings and are more focused on a slow, steady return on Investment (ROI), however with RPA, benefits can nearly be recognized from the get-go.

    automation in the officeThese businesses, who have heavily depended on outsourcing in the past, are finding that many processes can be performed in-house through the use of RPA; cutting down the error rate, reducing time to market and making it easier to establish competitive differentiation.

    To this end, RPA has emerged as a game changing technology with multiple short-term gains and the capability to adapt to future needs as markets evolve.

    The top three (3) areas where immediate results are overwhelmingly evident with even the smallest RPA deployments are outlined below.

    Improves a Company’s Performance Metrics
    RPA instantly delivers advanced operational process analytics and guarantees viability at more affordable price points, which aren’t possible with manual operations. With the push of a button, automated reporting is generated; cutting out multiple steps which used to take a significant amount of time when performed by humans.

    These readily available metrics allow for instant insight into trends immediately affecting the business. It also allows executives to make informed decisions, that in the past had to be made in ablindfolded manner.

    Lowers Error Rate and Strengthens Compliance
    Once RPA is implemented; errors are no longer a drain on resources or a point of contention. With its ability to complete repeatable tasks without human intervention, RPA beneficiaries see an immediate reduction in errors and in delays. Eliminating these entirely allows the process to virtually erase events that bog down a process and force errors which  directly and efficiently impacting margins.

    When it comes to compliance, many companies have entire groups dedicated to retooling software and retraining employees. Hundreds of man hours are spent reacting to new regulations and draining resources from other areas.

    With regards to  robotics, compliance and security tasks increase in accuracy and efficiency (up to 150%) over manual operations. RPA technology is ‘trained’ to perform repeatable tasks at an astounding rate of speed and with perfect results each time. Compliance requirements, managed through RPA, also offer effective compliance reporting, integrated data archives and closes all process coverage gaps overlooked in human interaction. With embedded safety and security features, RPA no longer requires human touch and securely ensures compliance each and every time.

    Provides Essential Insight into Process Optimization & Increased Scalability
    While it is sometimes hard to understand at what juncture an error in a human process occurred, RPA technology is equipped with data capture reporting, chronicling each individual action in a process.

    This repository enables stakeholders to look through each action in every single transaction to pinpoint an error or a mitigating risk. It also allows extensive process optimization through the action-based reporting, when processes become more streamlined or improved.

    Breaking habits among repeatable processes touched by human interaction has training downtime and substantial learning curves. With RPA, specialists can modify programming or add modules to a new or improved process with minimal downtime once changes are configured. Also, there is no learning curve! And with like-minded processes, RPA code can be redeployed and/or modules duplicated to streamline operations within another part of the organization.

    While only three (3) benefits are listed above, there are many other ways RPA can help an organization. Learn more by talking to one of the RPA specialists at Digital Intelligence Systems, LLC (DISYS). DISYS has an established Automation Center of Excellence experienced in deployed solutions in every industry vertical. To learn more, schedule time with the DISYS Automation Center of Excellence team to create a free customized process roadmap to get you started on your automation journey.

    About Digital Intelligence Systems, LLC (DISYS)
    Digital Intelligence Systems, LLC (DISYS) is a global managed services and staffing firm with 33 offices worldwide specializing in Managed Staffing Services, Agile Services, Application Development Services, Business Intelligence Services, Cloud Enablement Services and Enterprise Resource Planning.

    DISYS has created its Automation Center of Excellence (ACE) to enable companies to realize the best value from robotics is achieved when coupled with process re-engineering. ACE is not used only to ‘fix’ broken processes – but to also re-imagine and optimize it.

    ACE is part of a growing Process Automation wave where new innovations occur daily, fueling our commitment to ongoing process improvement and constant learning and refining of this cutting-edge technology solution.

    Through its implementation, DISYS has helped accelerate the manual RSA token assignment and decommissioning process for a major healthcare provider, automated the movement of data from legacy systems without application programming interfaces (APIs) to PeopleSoft which removed errors and reduced full time employees (FTEs) and developed an automation compliance system for customer accounts for a major banking institution.

    DISYS is committed to accelerating productivity within organizations by not only improving practices, but partnering with clients to make sure process improvement is constantly evolving, as technology evolves.