• Business Intelligence

    Business IntelligenceDISYS’ Business Intelligence (BI) Services encompass a multi-faceted approach to BI that is modeled around broad industry segments.

    DISYS has helped our retail, oil and gas, and financial industry clients leverage the power of analytics to capitalize on positive customer patterns, identify emerging trends and make data-based business decisions to drive their organizations forward. Our BI services support customers with networks from on-premise to customized clouds.

    Business Intelligence Services Offered

    • Assessment and Discovery – DISYS’ BI and Big Data Assessment and Discovery provides our clients an opportunity to uniquely analyze and build out a strategy to drive strong analytics and insights against their current platform data sets.
    • Design and Architecture – DISYS BI and Big Data Design and Architecture provides clients with a ground up, agile and customer-centric BI and Big Data platform.
    • Cloud Solutions – By leveraging Enterprise cloud partnerships with Amazon, Microsoft, and Open Stack, DISYS is able to deliver a cloud solution tailored to platform and datacenter specific requirements.
    • On-Premise Solutions – At DISYS, we understand that customers with strict needs to control data security will prefer an on-premise, fenced system and provide solutions that hit the mark.
    • Hybrid Premise and Public Solutions – The hybrid topological approach takes advantage of utilizing key on-premise IT resources that are in place today, while flexing new capabilities that are provided in the cloud.
    • Custom BI and Big Data Solutions – DISYS creates unique, full-scale, custom BI and Big Data solutions to ensure clients receive critical insight in key Agile business areas.