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    Chatbots Have Special Place in Customer Service: Immediacy

    As automation makes its move towards infiltrating every department within an organization, many businesses hesitate to introduce it into critical customer service programs. Automation skeptics say machine communication can never give the velvet glove touch of a human customer service

    Tech executives encourage workforce training

    Technology is only worth the investment if you know how to use it. Chief executives are opening up to the idea of workforce training. As businesses around the globe continue to adopt cloud computing and other digital strategies for the

    Diversity in the tech field

    Just about any human resources manager will tell you that diversity is an important part of an office culture.

    BYOD users must keep security in mind

    BYOD users must keep security in mind

    By encouraging employees to use personal devices for work-related purposes, enterprises are cutting costs and increasing workplace flexibility. However, the strategy carries with it several different security responsibilities.