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    Employee Referral Program Positions Available – Systems Administrator (2 Openings)

    Systems Administrator (2 positions)

    Digital Intelligence Systems, LLC is currently recruiting for the following positions and employees are encouraged to recommend prospective applicants who they believe to be qualified for this professional position.  Please complete an employee referral form, and submit it to the HR Department along with the candidates resume for consideration.  The Company will pay employees, with the exception of commission eligible-staff, a one-time Employee Referral Incentive of $500 for a referred candidate for this position.  Please refer to the process and payment procedures detailed in the Employee Referral Program (revised April 1, 2017)

     Job Title: Systems Administrator (2 positions)

    Duties: Design, develop, build & configure Linux servers. Plan & deploy virtualization software infrastructure in VMware, vSphere & vCenter. Configure & support enterprise server virtualization, cloud solutions & disaster recovery requirements. Develop automation scripts & provision servers in enterprise environment using Red Hat Linux 6, VMWare , KVM virtualization, Red Hat Satellite & Oracle ZFS storage appliances. Conduct application administration, installation, tuning & upgrade functions for Linux based tools & JBOSS, Oracle, Java Application, MySQL, Satellite, Puppet, Splunk, Apache, Postgress, Postfix, & Patch Manager. Ensure compliance with security standards. Monitor environment & computing resources for reporting & capacity planning.  Job in McLean, VA. Travel and work in various unanticipated locations in the US, to be determined by employer.

    Education: Master’s degree or foreign equivalent in Computer Science, Information Assurance and Security, Engineering or a closely related field.

    Experience:  Two years experience in any computer related occupation. This experience must include 2 years of system integration & configuration of VMware, vCenter Server & Red Hat Enterprise Linux Servers using Java/J2EE,Oracle database & related technologies. Travel and work in various unanticipated work locations in the U.S.


    If you know a candidate who may be interested, please refer them to: Shahed Chaudhuri, Human Resources Specialist, Digital Intelligence Systems, LLC, 8270 Greensboro Dr., Suite 1000, McLean VA 22102.








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