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    DISYS Releases Suite of Project Accelerators, Boosting Clients’ Productivity

    MCLEAN, Va – Digital Intelligence Systems, LLC (DISYS) has released new frameworks, processes and implementations aimed at accelerating productivity for its wide range of clients.

    “These accelerators have been in our toolbox for quite some time,” said Ahmar Abbas, Vice President of Global Services at DISYS. “Now we are pleased to release them as proof of how we’re leveraging innovation to drive client success.”

    Dubbed ‘The DISYS Catalog of Project Accelerators’, the tools, methodologies, frameworks and implementations within are meant to aid in earlier completion of engagements, perfected project management and transparency between DISYS and its clients.

    In DISYS’ 33 offices across the globe, the IT managed services and staffing firm is employing best practices and innovative solutions on every engagement – bolstered by best-in-class talent to achieve its clients’ business objectives.

    The DISYS Catalog of Project Accelerators includes frameworks centered on helping clients choose Custom-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software, achieve successful application redesign or creation, improve data center operations, enforce FCAPS monitoring and implement vital testing strategies – just to name a few.

    It also contains tools to manage application build lifecycles, repositories for project data and knowledge share and highlights a DISYS proprietary asset, the DISYS Cloud Enablement Tool Sirro®, which make cloud implementation quick and easy.

    One of the shining stars within the catalog is the full-service ‘Automation Center of Excellence.”

    While DISYS has been implementing Robotics Process Automation (RPA) for several years, the current surge in popularity has garnered the firm stand-out success within the healthcare, transportation and financial industries.

    “Many organizations, large and small, are looking to RPA to streamline processes, cut down on human error and improve the bottom line,” Abbas said. “Our Automation Center of Excellence is built on those principles and we are proud of the success we have had across many sectors.”

    The importance of The DISYS Catalog of Product Accelerators can be seen throughout DISYS client engagements. Not only do these assets enable clear communication between DISYS and all stakeholders, but also contain frameworks on which many engagements are built.

    “The use of these assets, which are customizable based on client needs, allows DISYS to complete projects quicker and more efficiently,” Abbas said. “DISYS understands how important it is to keep vital systems running and how critical it is to get new processes and applications in place. We see this catalog as a way to clearly aid our clients in achieving their goals and accelerate their productivity.”

    About Digital Intelligence Systems, LLC (DISYS)

    Digital Intelligence Systems, LLC (DISYS) is a global managed services and staffing firm with 33 offices worldwide specializing in Managed Staffing Services, Agile Services, Application Development Services, Business Intelligence Services, Cloud Enablement Services, and Enterprise Resource Planning. DISYS’ vision is to be a global business partner, delivering the highest quality and most consistent services at the best value to clients worldwide. For more information about DISYS, visit http://disys.com.