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    Cloud-based ERP Implementation Continues to Surge

    Cloud computing has paved the way for a variety of new technologies to excel. For the enterprise resource planning (ERP) sector, it has led to a revival.

    A recent report by Eval-Source projected that the cloud technology market will be worth $63 million in 2014, with investment in cloud-based ERP implementation making up a significant portion of that total.

    "Within the ERP cloud and SaaS [Software-as-a-Service] space, each solution has a unique approach in addressing business problems for companies looking at ERP, and we wanted buyer's to categorize their organization correctly," said Keean Persaud, managing director at Eval-Source.

    In a recent blog for BostInno, Richard Minney, co-founder of iBE.net, suggested that traditional ERP vendors are being forced to provide cloud computing programs, as they are likely to be the future of the ERP sector. The newer cloud-based systems are typically more efficient and increase productivity, which in turn leads to major cost savings.

    But one of the biggest appeals, Minney wrote, is that cloud-based ERP implementation typically requires significantly fewer resources than on-premise systems. Cloud computing solutions tend to take less time to fine-tune, and companies don't have to rely as much on implementation consultants.