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    Control Engineering Features DISYS Article on Automation

    Note: Media publication Control Engineering (http://controleng.com) published an article in its recent update researched and written by DISYS Staff Writer Deanna Murray. The article outlines DISYS’ long-standing expertise in Automation and expands on its benefits.    The benefits of robotics

    Retail Point-of-Sale Refresh

    A major grocery store chain engaged DISYS to overhaul their point-of-sale systems across more than 950 stores nationwide. This undertaking resulted in the delivery and installation of more than 14,000 new terminals and chip readers — setting the client up

    Chatbots Have Special Place in Customer Service: Immediacy

    As automation makes its move towards infiltrating every department within an organization, many businesses hesitate to introduce it into critical customer service programs. Automation skeptics say machine communication can never give the velvet glove touch of a human customer service

    With the Rise of Chatbots, Security Concerns a Constant Issue to Tackle

    Nearly every hot new technology trend is immediately followed by security questions & online safety. And the true test of how tight the security is on any given platform is how well it sends & receives data and whether or

    DISYS Experts Featured in Automation Article Published by Bank News

    Banking Vertical Managing Directors Keli Domke and Mike Rutkowski discuss automation within the banking industry in a piece featured in Bank News titled ‘Small Banks Capitalize on Mistakes Made in Early Automation Implementation. Download Article Here | Read on BankNews.com

    New Hire Furthers DISYS’ Commitment to Automation Excellence

    MCLEAN, Va.– To fill the growing demand for automation services and to lead cutting-edge efforts in its Automation Center of Excellence (ACE) Digital Intelligence Systems, LLC (DISYS) has hired Shabbir Alibhai as its Director of Intelligent Process Automation. With more

    DISYS Releases Suite of Project Accelerators, Boosting Clients’ Productivity

    MCLEAN, Va – Digital Intelligence Systems, LLC (DISYS) has released new frameworks, processes and implementations aimed at accelerating productivity for its wide range of clients. “These accelerators have been in our toolbox for quite some time,” said Ahmar Abbas, Vice

    Client Touts DISYS’s Cloud Expertise in ‘ComputerWorld’

    In this two-page article, ComputerWorld Contributing Writer Sandra Gittlen discusses ‘Cloud vs. on-premises: Finding the right balance” where DISYS client Atlanticus Holding Corp outlines how the DISYS Cloud Services team helped his organization through a cloud migration and ‘enabled us to