• REV Business Intelligence Accelerator

    REV logoDISYS’ proprietary Business Intelligence (BI) accelerator tool, REV, saves organizations time and money by optimizing the time required to analyze BI objects developed in the SAP BI system landscape. Unlike traditional methods of manually organizing data, REV automates this process, and identifies unused, redundant and obsolete objects of SAP BI systems. REV expedites the clean-up activity to increase the overall system performance, enabling BI consultants to effectively deliver SAP services and identify new business opportunities.

    Key Features

    • Faster decision making
    • Simplified documentation process
    • Easy maintenance of the database
    • Analysis of SAP BI objects


    Accelerated Decision Making

    REV automates the inventory and analysis of the BI objects, and enhances the time required to query and classify BI data. REV provides DISYS client’s faster access to relevant information, enabling clients to make better informed strategic decisions.

    Easy Documentation

    REV enables SAP BI consultants to download the inventory of BI objects to an excel spreadsheet. This can be used for knowledge transition during the support and maintenance phase, and for updating documents.

    Detailed Analysis of Objects

    This feature allows SAP BI consultants to easily understand the aging of objects developed in the BI system. Based on predefined criteria, REV sorts through the inventory of BI objects and periodically identifies and deletes unused SAP BI objects in the production system. This feature would assist with future upgrades and consolidation projects across multiple BI systems. In addition, as with any SAP BI projects, missing dependent objects and data sources are often time consuming to track. REV facilitates the identification process for any missed or inactive objects to avoid any possible errors.

    pdf iconREV product documentation


    REV is a product of DISYS Labs. To learn more about how we can help you achieve your business objectives with REV, contact a DISYS representative today.