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    New Technologies Could Continue to Drive High-Tech Sector Growth

    IT service companies should expect to remain busy in 2013, as organizations continue to implement new technologies rapidly. A recent CompTIA study found that this strong demand for technology could produce a 3 percent grow rate for the worldwide high-tech industry

    Big Data Specialists in High Demand

    Many IT jobs in the high-tech sector have received good news in recent months, but one type of tech professional in particular is in incredibly high demand: the big data scientist.  “We’ve heard it’s a fad, heard it’s hyped and heard it’s

    As Big Data Rises, IT Departments need to Overcome Obstacles

    The rise of innovative technologies like cloud computing and mobile solutions has put a greater emphasis on companies’ ability to manage information. As a result, big data analytics has exploded to become one of the top priorities for executives and

    Cloud-based ERP Implementation can Reduce Costs for SMBs

    Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are adopting enterprise resource planning (ERP) software at increasing rates, according to a recent survey by the Aberdeen Group, and cutting costs was found to be the top-cited motive. The study revealed that 43 percent

    New Technologies Could Spur IT Jobs Growth in 2013

    The past few years have been marked by a technology revolution, which has forced company executives and IT departments to play catch up. A recent survey by Gartner found that in 2013, digital technologies will be the top priority for

    Tech Professionals Receive Pay Raises, Study Finds

    Tech professionals in St. Louis received plenty of good news on the jobs front in 2012 with regard to both growth and salary increases. In addition to a higher number of available IT jobs, tech workers achieved a 13 percent

    Enterprises to Continue Adopting Mobile Solutions, Study Finds

    Bring your own device (BYOD) initiatives emerged in 2012, as employees increasingly used personal laptops, tablets and smartphones for work. “Whether approved or not, user-owned tablets and smartphones are connecting into corporate networks and cloud environments,” said Michael Suby, Stratecast vice president